Results of the Basilisk Cup 2018

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Please excuse the late post! It was a wonderful tournament with many great fights.
Many thanks again to all participants and all helpers!

We hope to see you again next year at the latest! Pictures coming soon in the TSK-Gallery

Kids U12:

  1. KIMURA Tadeu, Budokan Zürich
  2. HATA Tetsuya, SDK Genève
  3. HECHT Marco, Budoschule Luzern & KRAMMER Kaori Kimberleigh, Budokan Zürich

⇒ Fighting Spirit: HATA Tetsuya, SDK Genève

Kids U15:

  1. SPILAREWICZ Finn, Katana Frankfurt e.V.
  2. KIMURA Tadeu, Budokan Zürich
  3. GEIGER Jonathan, Budokan Zürich & KIMURA Thais, Budokan Zürich

⇒ Fighting Spirit: STECK Joshua, TSK Basel
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  1. Kimchi Express
  2. Budokan Zürich 1
  3. Tomon Mita
    Budokan Zürich 2



  1. HEHNER Paris, Budokan Lausanne
  2. KOLLER Erik, Budoschule Luzern
  3. BILECEN Erol, TSK Basel & GELDMACHER Carl, Kendo Club St. Gallen



  1. KUMPF Sabrina, Ten Do Kan Aarau
  2. BELLIVIER Laure, SDK Genève
  3. HOKARI Marina, Budokan Lausanne & KERANOVIC Melissa, Ten Do Kan Aarau



  1. KRÖBL Chris, Budokan Zürich
  2. KOZAKI Genta, PSV Mainz
  3. KLEIN Luca, Kendo Dojo Offenburg & ROTHACHER Yannick, Budokan Zürich


Registration for the Basiliskcup 2018 is open!

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Dear fellow Kendokas

The registration for the Basiliskcup 2018 from march 17th / 18th is open!
Please register by Sunday, march 11th via this form:

Saturday, March 17th 2018
Kids tournament: >= 2003 – with enough registrations age-specific tables are held
Team competition: 5 fighters, recommended <2003
Start: 11:00 h, hall opens at 10:00 h

In the evening we will eat together, please register.
Shimpan (> 3rd Dan), who do not fight, and external assistants will be invited for dinner on saturday!

Sunday, March 18th 2018 
Individual Contests (Mixed Kyu / Ladies / Mixed Dan) – Start: 09:00
Dojo opens at 08:00

Kids tournament = CHF 5 .- / EUR 4.50
Only team = CHF 10 .- / EUR 9
Only Open / Ladies (including lunch pack) = CHF 25 .- / EUR 23
Team & Open / Ladies (including lunch package on Sunday) = CHF 30 .- / EUR 27
You pay when you register on the spot.

Shimpan & Assistants:
Please sign up here:

We are looking forward to a great tournament! Please forward to other interested Kendokas!


Facebook-Event: click here!